The Magnetic Effect is Hidden in Your Body!

The earth crust has natural magnetism. This magnetism enables exchange of substances in the cell membrane, so that waste materials and toxins are eliminated, and nutrients, oxygen and necessary minerals enter into the cell. Since magnetic field is "zero" in space, magnetotherapy was needed to eliminate this phenomena which is not in concordance with life. It was first applied on the astronauts launched into space. It was then introduced to routine use in medicine in the conclusion of clinical trials conducted on 200,000 people.

MagnesityFORM produces this magnetic field by itself. It is a very convenient alternative to magnetotherapy thanks to the ferromagnetic particles we synthesize in our own laboratory.

The nanotechnological ferromagnetic particles it contains interact with the hemoglobin molecules in the blood cells and provides the body with the opportunity to heal itself. Since these nanoparticles are not used as a surface finish, they demonstrate a homogeneous and long-lasting effect in all sections of the product.

Product Features
Negative Ion
Humidity Balancing
Integration to All Types