Social Management Policy

We are aware of our responsibilities...

Form Sünger, as a company that has adopted the principle of acting by being aware of our social and environmental responsibilities towards the society in all areas we operate undertakes the following;
To provide a safe and healthy working environment by observing and protecting the personal rights of our employees who add value to our company,
To avoid child labor for healthy development of children,
To abide by the collective agreement rights as a company which supports the unionization activities of its employees,
To comply with the conditions of employment of young workers as guaranteed by legal regulations,
To avoid discrimination among employees for reasons such as race, language, religion, age, gender, physical disability, belief, sect,
To never tolerate fraud, corruption, bribery and embezzlement company as a company which adopts truth and honesty,
To establish a balance between business life and private life in order to ensure that its employees have a quality life; to apply working hours in accordance with the laws and regulations,
To raise occupational health and safety awareness, to organize trainings for supporting their professional and personal development, to ensure the development of its employees with the trainings organized,
Not to allow contracted or debt-paid work and to ensure that the work is done on a voluntary basis,
To convey the social management principles it has adopted as a principle to all of its stakeholders, and especially its suppliers,
Not to determine the wages of its employees below the minimum rates, taking the legal regulations as basis and to give fair wages to the employees, whom we consider as our business partners,
We undertake to act responsibly to the traditions and cultures of Turkey and the countries it offers service, and to operate in accordance with all of the legal regulations.