Crib5 Pillow By FORM

Some ends are different..
The First and the Only EuroPUR Award-Winning Crib5 Moold Visco Pillow in the World!

Form Sünger has adopted the mission of making daily life more comfortable and healthier with the technologies it has produced since the day of its foundation. The pillow with its expandable graphite content, is the first and the only example of its kind in the world that can pass BS 5852-Crib5 test

It is proposed to be used primarily in public areas such as hospitals, student dormitories, prisons, which require top-level fire measures because of the high risk of fire present in these places. Crib5 Visco Pillow will self extinguish within maximum of 5 minutes in the event of a fire, even if the flame source is itself and will prevent the fire from growing and propagating. In addition to its superior safety features, the unique comfort it offers makes Crib5 Visco Pillow an unmatched choice.

Product Features
Thermally Conductive
Fire Retardant