We produce forms that offer
comfort and health to life.
We are in a large number of sectors
from furniture to automotive with our innovations.
We produce products with our superior
technology to support you in having a healthy life.

About Us

Form Sünger, the leading brand of Erciyes Anadolu Holding in the chemistry sector started its operations in February 2002.

Form Sünger, which has become a well-known and preferred brand all around the world within a short time thanks to its high quality production and service understanding, is now among the leading brands of the sector today by growing day by day with the investments for the future.

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We produce not only foam, but also forms that add pleasure, naturalness and health to life.


We offer our products to a number of different sectors with an innovative perspective thanks to our employees having the right skills.


It has a wide range of usage areas such as sun visors, in-door applications, driver's bed in heavy vehicles, seat covers, armrests, child seats. Our Flexi, Dura, High Resilience, Lamination, Flame Retardant products lead the way in this sector.


Foam is used as auxiliary supporting material in all textile, footwear and bag products. Usage areas are disposable hotel slippers, wadding foam, women's underwear, leather and under fabric applications in footwear and bags. Optics, Lamina, Visco, Dura foam are taking the lead.


It has an area of use in mechanical and plain hospital bed mattresses, hospital equipment (stretcher, wheelchair, examination chair, etc.), comfort products such as reflux pillows, neck pillows, hemorrhoid pillows that will assist the patient's recovery period and treatment process. Various foam applications are available upon request, especially our Visco (Memory Foam), Soft, Flexi, Healthy products.


Insulation foam (pyramid foam, acoustic foam) is available in various densities, colors and shapes intended for sound insulation and decoration purposes. Packaging foam are extensively used in the ceramic, glass, cosmetics and jewelry industries in particular and prevent damage to the products when presenting them to the customers and at the shipping points. Dura and Flexi foam can be used.


It is used in the production of mattresses in the sleep industry as boarders (foam-encased kits), quilting and filling material. Soft, Hypersoft, Visco in Quilting; Dura, Medium in the boarders and Visco, Soft, Flexi, Hypersoft, HR foam in the filling are the main foam depending on comfort preferences.


The variability of different foam classes provides designers endless freedom when developing new ideas and creating exclusive designs. The right foam allows designers to produce lightweight, luxurious yet durable seating articles. The foam plays a great role in the final style of finished furniture. Our Soft, Flexi, HR, Hypersoft, Dura foam are the leading foam that address this sector.

Production Technologies

With the high-tech machinery park and know-how, we are supplying high quality products to our valuable customers. We offer our products to a number different sectors with an innovative perspective thanks to our employees having the right skills.


We are a preferred brand in nearly 100 countries across 5 continents with our high quality production understanding.

Kayseri OSB Form Sünger A.Ş.

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İncesu Form Sünger A.Ş.

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E-mail: iletisim@formsunger.com.tr; export@formsunger.com.tr